Posted by: Larry | May 9, 2008

Fuel Efficient Motorhomes

  Last time  we talked Fuel Efficient we talked about Class B’s like Roadtrek, Leisure Travel and Winnebago ERA. This time we put a little bigger house on our car and we still go for exceptional mileage. 

The next step up from a B is a C or Mini Motorhome. The most fuel efficient of these use the Dodge Sprinter Dual Wheel chassis built by Mercedes in Germany and assembled  in the US by Freightliner. These vehicles are substantially bigger than the B’s built on the Sprinters  allowing for bigger beds and appliances. Most also offer a slide giving you even more floor space.

This style of coach was first built in 2007 by Winnebago under the brand name View and for 2009 will be offered by numerous manufacturers including the Fleetwood  and Gulf Stream. As the size and weight increase the mileage will drop, but because of the extra room the Mini’s are far more liveable. And compared to their cousin C’s built using V8 and V10 gas engines, they still provide amazing mpg’s.


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